Provided by Andrew S Gibson

This deal expired on 28/11/2012

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
Andrew S Gibson is a Writer and Fine Art Photographer and the creator of some of the most beautiful and thoughfully written photography eBooks you'll find. In this SnapnDeal we're excited to offer you five of his best for less than $20. At $4 a book, this 5 eBook bundle is one Super SnapnDeal! Each eBook is available for immediate download as a PDF file optimised for viewing on your computer screen or an iPad. see full details →
Provided by James Maher

This deal expired on 23/10/2012

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
Street Photography, everyone seems to be doing it, but it's kinda scary... Time to get on board! In this SnapnDeal these two great eBooks will give you the all the confident you need to start taking meaningful, beautiful and technically stunning street shots. ... and they can be yours for only $15. see full details →

This deal expired on 26/09/2012

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
In this SnapnDeal we celebrate the release of the brand new dPS eBook designed to help you turn your iPhone ‘happy snaps’ into something much more meaningful. For the next 4 weeks you can grab this brand new dPS iPhone Photography eBook for 25% off the normal price. see full details →

This deal expired on 31/08/2012

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
Have you tried photographing a fireworks display but end up with nothing but bright white spots instead of colorful bursts? You are not alone! It is a problem many photographers have experienced but we will share tips that have made us successful at fireworks photography. You have all seen those incredible fireworks pictures and probably think that only a professional photographer with pro equipment could capture them. It turns out that anybody can capture amazing photos like that, all you need to know is the correct settings for capturing fireworks with your camera see full details →
Provided by James Brandon

This deal expired on 05/10/2012

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
Tack Sharp was written for anyone who has ever struggled with getting sharp images in different situations. Maybe you recently purchased a fast lens, but can’t figure out why the camera keeps focusing on the wrong part of the subject. Or perhaps you feel as if you’re doing everything right but still come out with slightly soft images. This process can be extremely frustrating and hard to deal with. see full details →
Provided by learntimelapse.com

This deal expired on 28/08/2012

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
Up for grabs in this SnanpDeal is a complete introduction to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapse movies with a DSLR camera. The guide covers the art and science of time-lapse photography and contains both detailed explanations and immediately actionable summaries in a colorful easy to understand and fun to read package. It will also walk through three separate rendering workflows that touch different ends of the cost (both free and not so free), functionality and time-to-learn spectrum. see full details →

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