This deal expired on 09/05/2013

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
SnapnDeals presents an awesome eBook: Backup or Die: How to Keep Your Photos Safe for only $23.00 Learn to avoid any data loss. Discover how to create the perfect backup system. For both Mac and PC users, and for any level of photographer. Hurry up, the SnapnDeal will ONLY last until May 8th. see full details →
Provided by Ryan Chylinski

This deal expired on 02/05/2013

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
Here's an awesome SnapDeal from author and photographer Ryan Chylinski: Time-lapse Photography eBook for only $12.00 Start shooting today! Learn time-lapse with 350+ examples, workflows, walkthroughs and diagrams. For beginner, intermediate and advanced photographers. Don't miss out, this deal is available for a limited time. see full details →
Provided by Andrew S Gibson

This deal expired on 24/04/2013

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
An extraordinary eBook by writer and fine art photographer Andrew S Gibson has arrived: Understanding EOS: A Beginner’s Guide to Canon EOS Cameras for only $7.00 Use your Canon EOS camera in the most effective ways. Understand the fundamentals in record time. Written specifically for owners of Canon EOS digital SLRS. see full details →
Provided by Gavin Gough

This deal expired on 12/04/2013

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Deal Categories: eBooks.
Have you established a reliable and consistent system to manage digital photographs? Gavin Gough presents The Photographer’s Workflow eBook for only $20.00 Create a robust digital workflow that’s appropriate for you. Chapters include Data Management, Configuring Lightroom 4 & much more. Lots of bonus free tutorials. Now is your chance to save 33%, but only for a limited time. see full details →
Provided by SnapnGuides.com

This deal expired on 21/04/2013

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SnapnGuides.com goes off with a bang, presenting their launch special: SNAPN FOOD eBook - Delicious Food Photography in a Snap for only $7.00 ... but only for a limited time, so be quick and save 30%. - Improve the quality of your food photography. - Start defining your own food photography style. - No fancy equipment required. see full details →
Provided by dPS

This deal expired on 26/03/2013

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Deal Categories: eBooks.

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