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Learn the Skill to create perfect Photographic Images: it's called MASKING! SnapnDeals brings you Kent DuFault's Understanding Masking In Post-Production eBook for only $19.00 Features 171 pages of training, illustrations, and self-check quizzes. Covers the masking techniques and secrets in ALL popular editing software packages (Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, etc). Includes two FREE Bonuses: Masking Cheat Sheet & Editing Video Training. For Photographers of ALL levels. Limited time only - Be quick, this amazing SnapnDeal will end before you know it! see full details →
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Master the Art of Food Photography Right Now! SnapnDeals presents the Photographing Food 9 eBook Bundle for only $29. Learn to create mouth-watering food images. Discover how to use for Food photography the equipment you already own. Covers techniques for colors, ingredients, backgrounds, outdoors, light and much more. Be quick, this awesome SnapnDeal will end before you know it - limited time only! see full details →
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USE COUPON: SNAP Get an insider’s look into how it’s all done! SnapnDeals brings you Ed Verosky's Lighting & Posing Series eBook & Video Bundle for only $40.20 Master the Art of Boudoir & Glamour Photography. Features a Collection of Six Lighting & Posing tutorials. Each Set includes 50+ photos in a handy PDF (ebook format), camera settings, lighting setup information, and a bonus behind-the-scenes video. Limited time only - don't delay to grab this amazing SnapnDeal! see full details →
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Really Learn How To Use Your Flash! SnapnDeals presents Ed Verosky's Guide to Flash Photography eBook for only $7.00 Learn how to get amazing Flash pictures every time. Includes BONUS Advise for the Aspiring Portrait Photographer eBook Easy, Step-by-Step Instructions for Photographers of all levels. Hurry, grab this super cool SnapnDeal before it's too late - limited time only! see full details →
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ATTENTION: Photographers of all ages that wish to improve their photos instantly! SnapnDeals brings you best-selling author Kent DuFault's The Ultimate Guide To Fundamental Editing eBook for only $10.00 Features the all-important Fundamental Edits List - absolutely necessary to your digital photographic work. Master the Fundamental Editing Steps from a Pro to change your Photography forever. Learn how to take control of the fundamental editing process, and how to get my photographs edited correctly. Limited time only - don't miss out on this super cool SnapnDeal! see full details →
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Tom Ang's MUST-HAVE eBook Bundle is Here! SnapnDeals presents Tom Ang's 3-eBook Bundle for only $21.00 Specially updated for SnapnDeals as these edition aren't available even on Tom's website yet. Be inspired by one of the world's best photography academics. Boost your travel photography & judging skills. Grab this extraordinary SnapnDeal before it disappears - Limited time only! see full details →

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