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This deal expired on 17/06/2014

  • Current Price $999.00
  • Our Price $199.80
  • You Save 80%
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Create online publications to be read by millions worldwide!

SnapnDeals presents FlipHTML5 Enterprise  for Mac – Permanent Online Service for only $199.80.

  • A one-off payment with All Features included.
  • Permanent life-long access to Support, Upgrade, Cloud, Previous Created Books, Book Editing and Book Sharing.
  • Create Realistic Responsive CSS3, jQuery & HTML5 Flip Books from PDF.

For a limited time only – you don’t want to miss this SnapnDeal!

1This Interactive HTML5 Digital Publishing Platform offers a fabulous reading experience with life-like turning animation!

Create Online Magazines, Catalogues, Portfolios, Presentations and much more.

Turn your publications into inspiring shoppable experiences and boost your sales through impulse shopping mimicking real life shopping behavior.


What You’ll Get with FlipHTML5 Enterprise

  • 2Permanent life-long online service
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited uploads per month
  • Unlimited pages per book
  • Unlimited access to Cloud, Previous Created Books, Book Editing and Book Sharing
  • iPad & iPhone Devices Support
  • User-friendly Rich Media and Animation Editor
  • Flexible Offline Publishing Options
  • Social Share and Google Analytics Integration
  • Online Cloud Publishing Service Support (details)
  • Optimized Performance for iPad View
  • Free upgrade and Technical Support

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FlipHTML5 Main Features

  • 3eCommerce & Shoppable
  • PDF Conversion
  • Command Line (API)
  • Animation Editor – NEW!
  • Page Editor – to embed Audio, Video and Links; add/delete pages)
  • Batch Convert
  • Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) Conversion
  • Google AdSense Integration
  • Slide Mode
  • Advertising Banner
  • Create WordPress Flip Book Plugin
  • Merge Multi-PDFs in one Flip Book
  • Back Issue Online
  • 5+ Online Templates
  • Image Conversion
  • Access Statistics
  • 6Search Engine Optimization
  • Add Audio Hyperlink to Background
  • Notes & Annotations
  • Super Bookmark
  • Video & photo slideshow
  • OCR Text
  • Tracking with Google Analytics
  • Text Version (for SEO)
  • HTML or Zip Publication
  • Custom Logo/Branding
  • Password Protection
  • Import Links
  • FTP Uploader
  • Custom Templates
  • Import Table of Contents from PDF
  • Customize Looks and Functionality
  • 7Keyword Searching
  • Defined Bookmarks
  • Custom Interface Language
  • Share on Social Networks
  • Auto-Flipping Mode
  • Show/Hide Tool Buttons
  • Print Pages
  • Custom Background Color
  • Custom Background Image
  • Mobile ready

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What Customers Are Saying

4“I have to say: “FlipHTML5 is very perfect for me!” I’m a magazine lover. Sometime I will make flipping magazine from images or articles. As I don’t have my own website before, so I have to save created magazine on local desk, which is very inconveniently to share with my friends. But with FlipHTML5, I can upload my created magazine on its online server and sent magazine link to friends directly. Thank you, FlipHTML5!” – James M. Ostler, Senior Editor

“Let me evaluate FlipHTML5 objectively. First of all, it’s a good PDF, Office and image to flip book conversion. Secondly, it is easy-to-us but powerful. From contents import to Flipbook export, it just needs four simple steps. YouTube Video, Sound, Hyperlink and Flash button also can be embedded. Thirdly, The Online Upload Server of FlipHTML5 is great. As a Gold user, I have 500GB to upload. It is enough, no matter for personal or company user.” – Ray B. Nelson, Writer and PR

“I love the stunning page-flipping brochures created by FlipHTML5. Easy to import large PDF, office and image files and convert it to flipbooks with minutes. Our customers also love our new digital brochures with the interactive features and searchable archive. The created flipbook is true HTML5 technology. Our brochures can be easy read on iPad and iPhone device.” – Ken Liongs, Designer and Design Blogger


5What are the differences between the free version and the paid version?
The free version of FlipHTML5 provides users with basic features, allowing users to convert a PDF file to a page flipping book; however there will be a FlipHTML5 watermark on the published eBook. In addition, access to the advanced features like Page Editor to add video and audio is forbidden.

Why don’t I see anything about page view limits?
That’s why there are none! Share it, tweet it – get it out there. The more people read your content, the better your business will do. It is a win-win!

How can I pay for the order of your software?
When you’re ready to pay, you can pay via PayPal any time. Each month PayPal will bill your account automatically if you choose the PRO or GOLD plan. Cancel anytime – we hope you don’t, but you can!

Can I publish my book to my own server?
Yes, but only for paid users. Once you choose any of the paid plans, you can publish the book to local computer or directly to your FTP server. However, the number of local publishing varies according to the plan you choose: 5/month for Pro, 30/month for Gold, and unlimited for Platinum and Enterprise.

Is there any additional cost for Support, Upgrade and Cloud Hosting?
No, there is no additional cost for Support, Upgrade and Cloud Hosting, you just need to pay for the Plan monthly/yearly, or pay one-time fee for the Enterprise Plan.

Is there any way for others to manage my published books using their own accounts?
Yes, you can choose Platinum or Enterprise Plan. By choosing Platinum, your books can be accessed and managed by 3 different accounts; while Enterprise Plan allows 10 accounts to manage the created online books.

Where are the flipbooks stored? Is my book data secured?
By using FlipHTML5 Upload Service, you are to agree to store your flipbooks on FlipHTML5 Server, and you can make your books available online without hosting a website. And FlipHTML5 Upload Service employs Amazon S3 Service to store your book data, which can better protect your data from losing and leaking.

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How to Buy

1. Click on the BUY NOW button – you’ll be redirected to FlipHTML5 Enterprise shopping cart (be sure it’s set in US Dollars).

2. Enter Coupon Code: FLIP-28WQ-SND and click “Update”.

5. Fill in your Credit Card or PayPal details to purchase.

Once You Have Purchased FlipHTML5 Enterprise:

1. Sign up and create an account on the software (Flip HTML5 for Mac) or our website.

2. Once your account is created, send your account info along with the payment information to the FlipHtml5 support team at support@fliphtml5.com

3. Please give the Support team 1-2 working days for manual activation.

4. Enjoy Flip HTML5 Enterprise!

PLEASE NOTE: FlipHTML5 offers NO money-back guarantee, however you can download the Trial Version here (green DOWNLOAD NOW button).

Today’s Deal · Provided by fliphtml5.com

This deal expired on 17/06/2014

  • Current Price $999.00
  • Our Price $199.80
  • You Save 80%
Deal Categories: Service.
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