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Serge Ramelli’s Biggest Photoshop Course Ever!

SnapnDeals brings you Photoshop for Photographers 2017 Course for only $58.80

  • Features 8 Hours 19 Minutes of video and includes Photoshop Presets.
  • For Beginner Photographers.
  • Required Software: Photoshop CC.

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Photoshop for Photographers 2017

You can find tips and tricks on Photoshop with Serge’s new course, it’s his biggest course ever. He goes through all the basics of retouching; RAW files, HDR, Panoramas, sky replacement and Black and White Photography and lot of special effects projects. There’s 66 videos with lots of different projects from the great photo of places around the world. It’s very complete and if you want to become better at Photoshop this course is made for you!

  • This course will take you through all the basics of retouching raw files, HDR, Panoramas and Black and White photography. We will spend a lot of time on sky replacement and in addition I will give you as part of this course all my new skies (shot in super high resolution format) from all over the world.
  • We will also look at how to remove anything, a lot of special effects and my full workflow for retouching the skin of a model shot in a studio, as well as retouching the skin of a regular guy.
  • I tried to make each video about 5 to 10 minutes long, so you can just jump in on the one you need. Every example has some of my best photos from around the world.
  • As usual I try to explain everything using simple words, baby steps and a lot of examples.
  • This will take your photos to an entirely new level and is by far the course I’m the most proud of!

What’s in the Course

CHAPTER 1 – Camera Raw basics:

  • Lesson 1: First Contact – Let’s launch Photoshop for the first time and explore briefly Adobe Bridge
  • Lesson 2: Basic Exposure Setting – We are going to look at doing the first retouch on the exposure of the photo
  • Lesson 3: White Balance – What is and how to set white balance
  • Lesson 4: Vibrance and Saturation – What are they and how they influence your photo
  • Lesson 5: Second Panel Curves – Curves are very good to fine tune your exposure even further
  • Lesson 6: Details Sharpening and Noise Reduction – How to make your photo sharper and reduce the noise, I give you my favorite recipe
  • Lesson 7: HSL – Let’s dive into the definition of hue, luminance and saturation
  • Lesson 8: Convert to Grey Scale – A very good starting point to make a nice black and white
  • Lesson 9: Split Toning – How to add colors in the highlights or shadows
  • Lesson 10: Lens Correction – How to activate automatic lens correction and what it does to your photo
  • Lesson 11: Effects – The effect panel is good especially for the post crop vignetting
  • Lesson 12: Camera Calibration – A final way to alter your colors as a last touch
  • Lesson 13: Spot Removal – How to remove spots on your photo
  • Lesson 14: Graduated Filter – How to locally change the exposure, one of the most powerful tool in camera raw
  • Lesson 15: Radial Filter – One of my most used tools – the local adjustment tool, a great way to break the tones!
  • Lesson 16: Brushes – The brush is also a very key tool to dodge and burn your photo (make areas brighter or darker)
  • Lesson 17: Workflow Options – Before we enter Photoshop we have to decide whether we keep all we had done so far as a smart object or not
  • Lesson 18: Venice Long Exposure – This is a full retouch A to Z of a long exposure in Venice, we do this in Camera raw
  • Lesson 19: Venice Long Exposure Part 2 – In this video we will erase some distracting element to finish our project
  • Lesson 20: Venice Sunrise – In this video we will retouch a different type of color and explore the transform tool
  • Lesson 21: Venice Sunrise Part 2 – Let’s finish this sunrise photo with our local tools
  • Lesson 22: Tuscany – We go into a different feeling and look closely at the haze tool
  • Lesson 23: Fashion Shoot – A different workflow for this type of retouching involving human beings!

CHAPTER 2 – Panoramas:

  • Lesson 24: Grand Canyon – In this first video we are going to look at the amazing recent feature of being able to make a panorama and staying in the raw file format!
  • Lesson 25: Grand Canyon Part 2– We are going to use local tools to give it even a stronger feel, more drama!
  • Lesson 26: Astrophotography Vertorama – Let’s look at the different projection methods for these 2 photos and do some basic retouching
  • Lesson 27: Astrophotography Vertorama Part 2 – I’m going to use local tools to make the milky way pop and the rock less bright
  • Lesson 28: Astrophotography Vertorama Part 3 – Lets finish this image up in Photoshop


  • Lesson 29: Zion Overlook – Having the ability to create a raw file that is HDR is one of the coolest newest features of camera raw
  • Lesson 30: Zion Overlook Part 2 – Let’s use our magic tool to bring back the exact amount of drama on this HDR photo
  • Lesson 31: HDR Tuscany – This is a pretty washed out photo that we are trying to save with HDR and dodge and burn
  • Lesson 32: HDR Tuscany Part 2 – Let’s use local tools to give it a final touch and give volume to the photos

CHAPTER 4 – Black and White:

  • Lesson 33: Basic Conversion for Drama – We are going to take a look at the convert to grayscale option
  • Lesson 34: Local Tools – Off course to make drama we have to do some serious local retouching
  • Lesson 35: Mix Black and White – We are going to mix a long and a short exposure for a cool effect
  • Lesson 36: Selective Color – A nice effect to make something pop is to have one item in color and the rest in black and white
  • Lesson 37: Selective Color Part 2 – We are going to give it a final touch in our raw development before going into photoshop
  • Lesson 38: Selective Color Part 3 – We are going to remove all the distracting elements of the photo
  • Lesson 39: Removing Elements – Playing with 2 raw files that are slightly different one from the other is a good way to erase some elements, let’s first retouch the basic file
  • Lesson 40: Erasing Complex Element – To finish that nice black and white from Venice we are going to spend a bit of time erasing an annoying metal bar ruining the shot and then we do some magic camera filter work to finish off the photo
  • Lesson 41: Focus Stacking – A cool focus stacking example when you want everything to be sharp to make a dramatic black and white
  • Lesson 42: Focus Stacking Part 2 – In this video we are going to finish our black and white and see if we need to add a second element like a Gondola!

CHAPTER 5 – Remove Elements:

  • Lesson 43: Erasing Plants – Let’s remove annoying plants on a beautiful tome photo
  • Lesson 44: Replacing Ads – We are going to replace some car ad with our own photo
  • Lesson 45: Removing Tourists – By taking similar shots of the same scene I will show you a cool Photoshop trick to erase all the tourists

CHAPTER 6 – Sky Replacement:

  • Lesson 46: Library Panel – Let’s put all our skies in the library panel for later use
  • Lesson 47: Sky Replacement Florence – We are going to replace the sky using selections for the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence
  • Lesson 48: Sky replacement Florence Part 2 – We are going to use our camera to bring drama to the photo
  • Lesson 49: Rome – We are going to use a much more simple technique to replace the sky using the famous multiply blend mode
  • Lesson 50: Dunes – I will show the difference between the multiply and the normal mode on this one
  • Lesson 51: Milky Way – One of the coolest sky replacements is to add the milky way in the sky!
  • Lesson 52: Milky Way Part 2 – In this video we will try different milky ways from our collection until we have the one that fits perfectly – it’s a trial and error process
  • Lesson 53: Milky Way in Venice – A little fun and fantasy exercise, let’s add the milky way in Venice using the lighten & blend mode
  • Lesson 54: Lower Antelope – This is one of my favorite photos of last year from the lower antelope canyon, we have a little bit of a tricky sky to replace

CHAPTER 7 – Special Effects:

  • Lesson 55: Day to Night – In this video we are going to mix a day and night photo for a spectacular result
  • Lesson 56: Sunrise in Rome – When the sun doesn’t show up where you want it to, we can add it later! I will show you the new content aware fill and the wide adaptive angle filter to create a sky around the photo
  • Lesson 57: Sunrise in Rome Part 2 – We are going to add the missing sun! Using the blend mode screen.
  • Lesson 58: Mixing Two Exposures – Let’s first retouch a day photo to get the best out of that camera raw file of a sunset in Italy (Mediterranean Sea)
  • Lesson 59: Cool Trick – This is a really cool trick that I have been doing lately to mix different times of exposure of the same scene using the lighten mode

CHAPTER 8 – Portrait Retouching:

  • Lesson 60: Action – Preparing the raw file and installing actions. I’m going to show you how to prepare your photo so that you can use the power of frequency separation to retouch your portrait. We are going to install a special action
  • Lesson 61: Frequency Separation – Let’s retouch the skin using our frequency separation set up
  • Lesson 62: Liquify – Face remodeling with liquify
  • Lesson 63: Color Mode – Let’s make the tones more even with a cool trick
  • Lesson 64: Hairs – Let’s apply the same strategy on the skin then onto the hairs
  • Lesson 65: Lips and Eyes – As a final touch lets retouch the eyes and the lips to make it pop even more
  • Lesson 66: Final Project on a Regular Guy – Let’s retouch one of my portrait with all what we learn so far, some regular with lots of skin issues…




About Instructor Serge Ramelli

In 2005 a friend of mine showed me what you can do with Photoshop and turned an ok portrait into a magazine cover. I was amazed, since my earliest childhood I wanted to create art, images and videos. What I like about it, is that all it took to create a great piece of art was a camera and a software, the rest was up to my skills and imagination. As a landscape and urban photographer I’m happy to say that today I have accomplished a few things that I’m proud of:

– My fine art photographies are being sold in one of the largest gallery networks in the world called Yellow Korner. They have have 85 galleries around the world, you can see my work and the locations here:


– With the Publisher Teneues I have published a coffee table book on Paris and one on New York. The sales have been good all over the world, you can see this here:


– I host a Youtube Channel that has over 310 000 subscribers. Making it the number one channel on Lightroom in the world and number 4 on Photoshop and number 7 on photography in general:


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This deal expired on 26/07/2017

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