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ALL of Tom Ang’s eBooks in One Single Bundle!

SnapnDeals presents Tom Ang’s 4-eBook Bundle with EXCLUSIVE Updates for only $35.00

  • Specially updated for SnapnDeals as these edition aren’t available even on Tom’s website yet.
  • Be inspired by one of the world’s best photography academics.
  • Boost your travel photography & judging skills.

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What’s in the Bundle

1. Ang’s World – A Life in Photography eBook – Latest Edition

Featuring 174 pages with amazing photographs, you will learn from the experiences of a Photography Master and be inspired.

Do you ask yourself …

•  How do I make a career in photography?
•  How can I become successful?
•  Do I have to photograph only one kind of subject to make a career?


Read this book and learn by example! Be inspired.

And, yes, you too can do it! Learn from someone who been in the photography business for over 36 years (sometimes, right at the top.)

It’ll be like having photography career advice for the price of lunch!

And there are lots of pictures to look at. Plus camera and lens details.

It’s a snap-shot overview of over thirty years of work from the silver days when I enjoyed processing favourite films like Agfapan 25 through hybrid digital work i.e. scanning films followed by software-based image manipulation. This was, to give it chronological context, at the turn of the 21st century: I like that, it makes it sound rather historical.

I’m delighted that my first volume of pictures – presented as self-standing images instead of being used to illustrate some editorial point – should be in electronic format; or what I call ‘elastic- book’. Quite apart from saving rather a lot of paper, I think the eBook is today the right medium to enjoy digital images.



Table of Contents

  • Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.42.53 PMPreface
  • Chapter One – Silver Days

Walking the Footpaths

Marco Polo Expedition

Traveling in Search

  • Chapter Two – States of Transition

Silken Threads

Woven Images

Enlightenment in Grain

  • Chapter Three – Digital Days

Early Digital Work

Shooting Fundamentals

TV Intermission

  • Chapter Four – On The Move

Loving Europe, leaving Europe

Pictures as People

Finding Aotearoa

  • Chapter Five – These Days

Finding myself

2. Travel Photographer’s Handbook eBook – 2017 Edition

Travel Photographer’s Handbook has been exclusively updated by Tom with some expansions and a new section on smartphones, on drone photography as well as a section on photographic ethics.

Traffic jam, Kolkata, October 2005

An imam - religious teacher - leads an open-air prayer prior to commencement of a programme of entertainment, in Shakhimardan, near Andizhan, Uzbekistan

Your answers are here.

Travel Photographer’s Handbook is an amazingly rich e-book, packed with 47,000 words of solid information spread over 160 pages.

Solid information. No nonsese. Covers ground other books don’t go near.

Covering everything from expedition planning for photography, equipment choice, legal issues, basic photo-technique, work-flow and even safety in the field.

It’s all in here, in a form perfect for use in the field – pack it into any tablet, smartphone or laptop.

It’s written for the complete beginner about to embark on a major travel or journey.

But it’s also packed with tips and reminders that will be useful to the more experienced photographer.

Illustrated with numerous photos.

Appearances may be deceptive: this one looks little, but it’s probably the most comprehensive single source on the subject!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.11.24 PM

3. Photo Questions & Angswers

When you start out in photography, your head could be so full of questions you wonder if you can ever clear them out. At the same time, it’s easy to feel that you’re the only one who is so dumb and slow that you just don’t get it. Here are two important facts:

One. You’re not alone.

Two. Your question is almost always that which someone else wants to ask, but feels too silly to ask. But by asking, you have proven the important truth: that the only stupid question is one that is not asked.

And I’m happy to give my angswers to any questions on photography. Pretty much any time, any day, on any aspect of photography – such is my hubristic arrogance, but love of the subject.

The material here is gathered from the Q&A section of my old website. I’ve shut that down, but it would be a pity to lose the material. It was always my intention to make my website to the questions available to a wide public, so here’s the opportunity.

Many of my angswers have been edited, up-dated and supplemented from their web-site originals for this edition. And I’ve added some pictures to keep you amused. Here and there I’ve taken the liberty of pointing you towards my publications. I hope you don’t mind. I do have to pay the gas bill, after all, and besides, there are few others to whom I’d feel comfortable sending you.


4. Photography Judging Handbook – 2017 Edition

Also for this eBook, Tom has added an important new section, Photographic Ethics. Again SnapnDeals customers are the first to get this edition. Ethics has become such an important subject with recent scandals in major competitions, but it’s one about which there’s a great deal of confusion. The treatment here is necessarily quite summary in character but it leads on a major new book on the subject.

The Photography Judging Handbook is a practical manual for judging photography in any context. From international competitions, awards and salons to personal projects and educational institutions, it is a unique source of information, and discussion points. This book can inform and help anyone who judges, evaluates, selects or uses photographs.

‘How do you judge a photograph?’

‘What is a good photo?’

‘What makes a photograph bad?’ 

‘How can you spot one great photograph from forty thousand others?’

‘Surely judging photography is purely subjective?’ 

This book is a long answer to these questions.


Improve your chances when entering photography competitions


  • key reading and reference material for those who wish to enter their images to photography competitions or concourss. 
  • comprehensive handbook for those who have the responsibility to judge photographic entries for awards or prizes. 

Unique information you won’t find anywhere else.

Essential handbook for photographers, photo-judges and picture editors

If you are  a photography judge, this book aims to give you all the information you need to perform your duties with skill, flair, and fairness. With the thousands of competitions, prizes, awards, concourses and tournaments that take place around the world, there is a pressing need for a clear, authoritative manual to guide photo-judges. 

Look at the wide-ranging content!

  • Pratical matters
  • Essentials
  • Five Levels of Appreciation
  • Context and norms
  • Technical dimensions
  • Judging image aesthetics
  • Panel sequencing
  • Choosing the winner
  • Image manipulation 
  • Visual exercises
  • Scoring systems
  • Competition rules
  • Disqualifications
  • Giving feedback
  • References

Sample pages

From visual exercises section.


A chapter opener


A page with illustrations (not too many of these)



Page of text, from the Competition rules section.


About Author Tom Ang

TomTom Ang is a photographer, author, traveller, tv broadcaster and academic. In 1979 he was a founding member of Wandsworth Photo Co-op which grew into Photofusion, London’s largest independent photography resource [2] A specialist in travel and digital photography, he has photographed extensively in Central Asia. He won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award for best Illustrated Travel Book.[3] He is the author of 25 books on photography and video, and winner of the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award for best Illustrated Travel Book for his coverage of the Marco Polo Expedition.

Tom was a senior lecturer in photographic practice at the University of Westminster from 1991–2004 teaching on the undergraduate photography programmes, as well as on the Masters in Journalism Studies. He also created the MA Photographic Journalism course. For over 10 years he specialized in photographing Central Asia, extensively traveling in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, with a few visits to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. He led a Know How Fund project (within the REAP (Regional Academic Partnership) scheme) that helped equip a radio studio for radio students and which reformed the journalism curriculum for the Kyrgyz Russian Slavonic University in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Tom is also a founding member of the World Photographic Academy and helped set up the Student Focus element of the Sony World Photography Awards. He juried the Czech Press Photo in 2009, Hamdan International Photography Award and Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Ang was presenter of the BBC series “A Digital Picture of Britain”, first transmitted in 2005 on BBC4. A second series, entitled “Britain in Pictures” was transmitted in 2007. He presented an 8-part TV series for Channel News Asia in Singapore which was broadcast in August 2009 (Bronze World Medal, Educational / Instructional, New York Television and Film Awards, 2010).

More about Tom

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Today’s Deal · Provided by tomang.com

This deal expired on 18/01/2018

  • Current Price $80.00
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Deal Categories: eBooks.
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