53% Off: 80/20 Confidence For Photographers Course

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This deal expired on 21/09/2016

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Boost your Confidence as a Photographer in No Time!

SnapnDeals presents 80/20 Confidence For Photographers Course for only $47.00

  • Five-day, action-packed course on confidence-building for photographers.
  • Features intensive training that will help you finally break through your fears and make bold progress a daily habit.
  • Includes fast action wins, situation exercises, bravery challenges, and much more.
  • Watch photographer and coach James Michael Taylor do the exercises and challenges right along with you, including on-the-street ‘candid camera’ videos.

Don’t miss out on this super awesome SnapnDeal – limited time only!

As an 80/20 course (80 percent of the results in 20 percent of the time), you can finish the course in as little as five days working an hour a day, or one solid weekend. This is the confidence jumpstart you’ve been wishing for.

Fast Action Wins
Fast Action Wins give you an immediate daily win, both in exercising your bravery and making tangible progress toward confidence and success as a professional photographer.

The Five Values Framework
The Five Values Framework shows you all the ways you create value for your clients (hint: your art isn’t the only one!).

Thought Exercises
Thought Exercises help you work out in your head and heart exactly what wins you’re striving for as a professional photographer, and why you’re both capable and worthy of that success.

GOYAKOD Challenges
GOYAKOD Challenges push you to Get Off Your Arse And Knock On Doors; in other words, take bold action and make real progress toward your dream. (Don’t panic: there are three tracks to fit your level of bravery, from “I’m so socially anxious that I can’t talk on the phone much less approach strangers” to “I’m scared, but I’m ready to break through: just tell me what to do.”)

Video Journals
Take back your power from the negative gremlins in your head by shining a spotlight on them, calling them out by name, and replacing their BS with the truth about the blessings you have to offer as a professional photographer. (Again, there’s a special track here for those who aren’t ready to talk on camera, even to themselves!)

By the end of this course, you won’t recognize yourself: you’ll walk taller, speak with passion and confidence, and make bold action a daily habit in your journey as a professional photographer. If that doesn’t sound like the breakthrough you need, I agree with you: you’re in the wrong place.


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Today’s Deal · Provided by PartTimePhoto.com

This deal expired on 21/09/2016

  • Current Price $100.00
  • Our Price $47.00
  • You Save 53%
Deal Categories: Course.
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