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Master the Latest Post-Processing Techniques!

SnapnDeals presents Trey Ratcliff’s Complete HDR Tutorial 3.0 (for Windows or Mac) for only $49.50

  • Features 6+ hours of content, Trey’s RAW image files & 5 Bonus Videos.
  • Includes Deep Dive Video and Trial for Aurora HDR 2018.
  • Perfect for beginners to mega-advanced professionals.

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Watch the Video Presentation

I recently spent several weeks exploring the beautiful and unique city of Venice, Italy. I invited Lisa Bettany to join me during the Carnival of Venice to help film this new version of my popular HDR Tutorial. Venice was filled with thousands of people in costume as we explored its countless streets, bridges, and canals. Lisa and I discuss our artistic inspirations and challenges, how we compose a shot, our camera settings and much more. You’re then transported back to my studio where I slowly take you step-by-step through my latest techniques using Aurora HDR.


What’s In the Course

You’ll be magically transfixed but the 9 main lessons and the 2 bonus ones. Plus you’ll get all my RAW files to practice with. Each one starts with Lisa and I in some kind of photographic situation. You see us out in the wild with our cameras talking about the shots we’re attempting to capture. And then you’ll I take you back to my studio to see how I try to make a little magic happen!

  • Lesson 1: Setting up your camera
  • Lesson 2: A Basic HDR Photo
  • Lesson 3: Indoor HDR
  • Lesson 4: Outdoor HDR
  • Lesson 5: Night HDR
  • Lesson 6: Single Exposure HDR
  • Lesson 7: Mobile Photography
  • Lesson 8: Drone HDR
  • Lesson 9: A final HDR Shot
  • Bonus Lesson: HDR Sunrise in Extreme Conditions
  • Bonus Lesson: Vibrant Street Photography

But wait there’s more!

I’ve included another 3 videos which are quite unique. You’ll see Lisa and I discussing our artistic journey, the struggles and doubts we face with photography, and lastly, we critique one another’s photos and talk about unusual things we see.

And then there’s even more!!!

When I recorded this tutorial Aurora HDR 2017 was my tool of choice. Now that Aurora HDR 2018 is available I’ve included a free trial for Mac and PC. All of the content from 2017 still applies to Aurora HDR 2018 and I’ve added in an extra tutorial video for the new software too! The new version is awesome, so powerful, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

The main thing you need is some HDR Software. I strongly recommend Aurora HDR 2018 by Macphun.

Not Happy? No Worries!

As usual, if you’re not mega-happy, you can have all your money back! It’s no problem. We have actual humans standing by to help you out with every little problem, big or small.

And finally, here are a selection of images I created during the tutorial sessions…

About Trey Ratcliff and HDR Photography

Trey Ratcliff is a photographer, artist, writer and adventurer. Each day, Trey posts a new photo to his website, StuckInCustoms.com, the #1 Travel Photography blog on the Internet. His photos and stories capture the beauty of exotic travel destinations and the humor of bizarre situations he often finds himself in. There is always something new, unexpected and beautiful to see.

Trey is best known as a pioneer in HDR photography. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a technique whereby multiple levels of light are captured for a particular scene and then combined into a single photograph. The resulting images are richly detailed and more closely resemble what you recall of the scene in your mind.

Trey’s photo, “Fourth on Lake Austin”, was the first HDR photograph to hang in the Smithsonian. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the BBC, and his photos have accumulated more than 50 million views. His best-selling book, “A World in HDR” sold out on Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Trey grew up blind in one eye, which changed the way he has come to experience and visually map the world. This, combined with his degree in computer science and math, has shaped his unique, algorithm-like, approach to capturing a scene that evokes more palpable memories.


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Today’s Deal · Provided by Stuckincustoms.com

This deal expired on 07/03/2018

  • Current Price $99.00
  • Our Price $49.50
  • You Save 50%
Deal Categories: Course.
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