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People photography made easy in 30 days – practical lessons to do in your spare time!

SnapnDeals brings you Darlene Hildebrandt and Bruce Clarke’s Portrait Fundamentals Course for only $75.00

  • Take more professional looking portraits in 30 days.
  • Learn from a Pro Photographer at your own pace.
  • Features hands-on, step-by-step instruction.

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Making great photographs of people, especially your loved ones, can be really hard to do. The camera settings, lighting decisions, posing techniques, and everything in between, make for a ton of things to consider when trying to simply create a great photograph. Learn how to take professional looking portraits in 30 days no matter your skill level or the type of gear you have.

Enjoying the art of portrait photography requires a learning experience that fits your style. By learning the fundamentals, practicing what you’ve learned, and having a professional guide you through the steps at your own pace, you’ll complete this course with confidence as you look to create powerful portraits.

FACT: Over 9500 photographers have enrolled in this course

This digital workshop will help you become more consistent and confident as you photograph people in all kinds of conditions and locations. Whether you’re looking to make sense of natural lighting techniques or flash equipment, the instructors leave nothing to chance, walking you through every aspect of making photographs of people.

Take more professional looking portraits in 30 days!

The Portrait Fundamentals course covers everything you need to know, from camera basics to using a multi-flash set-ups.

In the course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Adjust your camera settings to produce maximum results in natural light.
  • Manipulate natural light to achieve stunning photographs in any setting.
  • Use on- and off-camera flashes for both indoor and outdoor scenes.
  • Select the equipment you actually need (so you can save money).

Quick tips and cheap tricks just don’t cut it.
You want to learn from a pro.

Sometimes learning this craft can be hard. You’re tired of searching the Internet looking for the right answers. You want hands-on, step-by-step instruction by industry professionals… that’s exactly what this course gives you.

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What’s Included in this Course

Here’s a snapshot of the topics you will learn about:


  • Leveraging the relationships between ISO, shutter speed, and aperture
  • Making sense of reflective and incident metering.
  • Reading and using a histogram successfully.
  • Using exposure compensation to get the lighting just right.
  • Knowing how and where to focus (and which mode to use) to get sharp images.

Equipment tips

  • Learn about the essential pieces of gear you will need, and which pieces you can ignore
  • Reflectors, light meters and gray cards
  • Speedlights and remote triggers
  • Remote triggers, light meters
  • Light stands and tripods
  • Umbrellas and softboxes

Master Portrait Lighting

  • Explore how to control light so that your portrait subjects look utterly dazzling.
  • Demystify terms like: Lighting Ratio, Lighting Pattern, and Facial View and how to use them to create powerful portraits.
  • Tips for posing and working with people – feel more confident and flatter your subject every time.

working with natural light and flash

  • Discovering how to control light, no matter the conditions.
  • Customizing white balance using a gray card.
  • Knowing the difference between hard and soft light.
  • Using shadows to your advantage.

Advanced flash techniques

  • Discover how to use one or more flashes, and how to expose for both ambient light and flash in your portraits.
  • How to understand and use the Inverse Square Law to your advantage.
  • Learn to use flash exposure compensation.
  • Understand sync-speed and how it affects your flash photos.

Outdoor lighting tips

  • You’ll be ready to shoot in any lighting situation at indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Indoor location tips using natural light, reflectors, and flash.
  • Outdoors with natural light and flash.
  • Outdoors during golden hour including how to make sunset and silhouette portraits.

What People Are Saying


“This course is a home run! This is the best course on the web! Thanks.” – Bobby Oates

“I am a photography educator myself and I think Portrait Fundamentals is one of the best photography courses I’ve ever seen. A course like this is by far the best investment you can make in better photos.” – Phil Steele

Andrew-Morrison-350x350-bw-circle1-150x150“I would like to pass on my sincere compliments in appreciation of your fantastic course. I found it remarkable in its clarification of what are sometimes confusing concepts of photography; your logical and detailed explanations were a treat.
It covered everything I needed to know and more.”
 – Andrew Morrison

Robert-Forrister-350px-bw1-150x150“Your approach to the subject is laid back and very enjoyable on a personal level. You act is if you are right here in my home teaching and directing.”
– Robert Forrester


About Instructors Darlene Hildebrandt and Bruce Clarke

natural light instructor Darlene Hildebrandt

Darlene Hildebrandt

Your Natural Light Portrait instructor, Darlene Hildebrandt, is a professional photographer with 25 years of experience. She has photographed everything from soup to corporate events, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with fellow photographers and students. She is also the creator and teacher here on Digital Photo Mentor.off camera flash portrait instructor Bruce Clarke

Bruce Clarke

Your Off Camera Flash Portrait instructor Bruce Clarke has been a professional photographer using on- and off-camera flash for over 10 years. Bruce is known for being able to capture that special moment by freezing it in time with his flash.


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Today’s Deal · Provided by digitalphotomentor.com

This deal expired on 04/11/2015

  • Current Price $149.00
  • Our Price $75.00
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Deal Categories: Course.
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