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Sunset, Twilight & Night Photography At Its Best!

SnapnDeals presents James Brandon’s Sunset & Beyond: A Photographers Guide to Sunset, Twilight and the Night Sky eBook for only $5.00

  • Learn how to photograph sunset, each phase of twilight and the night sky.
  • Features countless tips, tricks and tools to take advantage of it all.
  • For photographers of all levels.

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Sunset & Beyond: A Photographers Guide to Sunset, Twilight and the Night Sky was created with one goal in mind: To help you the photographer better understand good light, the different phases of light that happen at the edges of day and to put the proper tools in your hand to take advantage of it all.


What You’ll Learn

  • The different phases of twilight and what happens during each phase.
  • How to plan for the suns position at sunrise/sunset.
  • How to photography the night sky
  • Plan for the Milky Way position, moon phase, moon position
  • How to use technology to make all this easy
  • How to beautifully light pain a scene

More About Sunset & Beyond

One of the biggest revelations I had as a photographer was getting my camera on a tripod and discovering all the amazing things that happen after the sun dips below the horizon. It was like an entire new world had opened up and it forever changed my photographic process and portfolio.

I remember quite well how I used to photograph landscapes as a beginner. I would shoot all day long, taking hundreds of images that would never see the light of day. I’d photograph sunset as long as it worked into the plans for the day, and if it did, I’d stop shooting as soon as I couldn’t get sharp images anymore (since I wasn’t even using a tripod). I had no idea that the real show began after the sun was down, and certainly had no idea there were different phases of twilight, each with their own very unique characteristics.

This ebook is a culmination of everything I’ve learned over the years about capturing light at it’s absolute best. There is so much more involved than just showing up and hoping for the best, and with all the tools available today, you can really increase your odds of success by planning out every detail of your shoot.


About Author James Brandon

jamesJames Brandon is, simply put, an adventure junkie. Whether he’s traveling the world in search of amazing places, chasing storms in the plains of Texas, flying around in his families Cessna Skyhawk or crawling around the living room floor with his now one-year-old son Isaac, one thing is certain; he will be taking pictures every step of the way.

When James isn’t out in the world taking pictures, he blogs at his website james-brandon.com, adding new images from his collection and providing tips along the way to his 20k+ monthly readers and subscribers.  He’s also a regular contributor to Digital Photography School, providing thought provoking (and sometimes controversial) articles on all things photography, as well as reviews and tutorials. And you can always find him on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

James’ first ebook Tack Sharp has been a best seller on Flatbooks.com since it’s release in 2011. It’s also been featured on Snapndeals, Digital Photography Schools 12 Days of Christmas, Photo Whoa, Picture Correct and Photo Dough. He has helped tens of thousands of photographers discover the secrets to taking sharper images with their DSLRs.

Now with his Lightroom presets and his second ebook (included free with this deal) he continues to provide valuable tools and content to the photography community.

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Today’s Deal · Provided by jamesb.com

This deal expired on 18/01/2018

  • Current Price $10.00
  • Our Price $5.00
  • You Save 50%
Deal Categories: eBooks.
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