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This deal expired on 20/09/2017

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The Inspirational Typography Kit Has Arrived!

SnapnDeals brings you Creativewhoa’s 330+ Fonts in 1 Typography Bundle for only $19.00

  • Save lots of time and money creating the kind of messages you want.
  • All products have CreativeWhoa’s extended licensing.
  • Includes BONUS Lightroom Presets, Instagram Templates & Photoshop Actions.

Grab this super cool SnapnDeal before it’s gone – limited time only!

“Let this Inspirational Typography Kit” be your magic wand when you’re lost in communication. It will help you create the kind of message you want!

This amazing kit comes action packed with 330+ Creative Fonts from 70 Font Families for your own use in personal and commercial projects, including a great collection of hand drawn fonts, a beautiful set of display fonts, a unique hand-drawn serif fonts, a fairly rough brush script and even a floral letter illustrations developed into a writable font! However, we also have included a vintage badge pack, an outdoor icon pack and two inspirational quote packs to help out in your design works.

To make this offer even better, we’re happy to announce that all premium goods included in the bundle comes with CreativeWhoa extended licensing! How good is that?




Fonts Included in the Bundle

Haytham Minimal Slab Serif Typeface
Khwaja Script Typeface
Jennet Brush Font Family
Asma Brush Font
Jaraad Script Typeface
Yessica Sans Serif Font Family
Rockley Sans Serif Font Family
Carita Clean Serif Typeface
Glennda Handmade Serif Typefacef
Cason Sans Serif Typeface
Adouliss Mag Serif Typeface
Wrenn Sans Serif Typeface
Medric Serif Font Family
Starlyn Serif Font Family
Timm Serif Typeface
Hommer Minimal Serif Typeface
Erica Script Font
Veera Serif Typeface
Sondra Serif Typeface
Abira Sans Serif Typeface
Montrell Serif Typeface
Spark Serif Typeface
Jassmine Hand Written Typeface
Berton Sans Serif Typeface
Varina Sans Serif Typeface
Mercuric Fancy Font
Beacher Sans Serif Font
Deron Sans Serif Typeface
Edina Sans Serif Minimal Typeface
Adley Sans Serif Typeface
Aariel Sans Serif Typeface
Hurst Sans Serif Typeface
Azel Serif Typeface
Barnes Serif Typeface
Aaliyah Serif 10 Font Family Pack
Adon Sans Serif Typeface
Zimra Serif 5 Fonts Family Pack
Zisel Sans Serif Typeface
Bethan Sans Serif Typeface
Abril Serif Typeface
Abner Serif Font Family
Abed Serif Typeface
Aludra Serif Typeface
Myron Serif 6 Fonts Family Pack
Aster Slab Serif Font Family
Anaan Sans Serif Font Family
Aara Serif Font Family
Zack Serif Typeface
Alex Sans Serif Typeface
Vengeance Sans Serif Typeface
Aaron Serif Font Family
Maaz Serif Typeface
Thomas Mag Serif Typeface
Zahra Serif Typeface
Anzil Sans Serif Typeface
Aiden Art-Deco Font
Yadon Sans Serif 7 Fonts Family Pack
Abell Font Pack
Aaminah Font
Alayna Valentines Love Font
Asbah Serif Font
Atifa Serif Font
Barkat Calligraphy Font
Amirah Display Typeface
Papercutting Fonts
Aiza Shine Serif Regular Font
Christmas Script Font
Emily Gold Script Font
Slimtaco Font
Ibrat Calligraphy Font

If you bought all of these items separately, it would cost you $863. For a limited time, you can get everything in this bundle for only $19.

BONUS: Plus we have added freebies worth $141:

4 Seasons Lightroom Presets Bundle
Planner Calendar 2017 & 2018
20 Pop Art Photoshop Actions
12 Infrared IR Photoshop Actions
10 Pinterest Mood Board Templates V1
10 Insta Mood Board Templates V.1
10 Insta Mood Board Templates V.2
15 Pinterest Mood Board Templates V2
Printable Calendar 2017 – 2018

NOTE: All these products come with CreativeWhoa extended license, so you can use them on any commercial or personal project including web design, advertising, apps, themes for sale, gaming, print, logo, software and more.


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Today’s Deal · Provided by etsy.com

This deal expired on 20/09/2017

  • Current Price $39.00
  • Our Price $19.00
  • You Save 51%
Deal Categories: Software.
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