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Grow Your Successful Creative Photography Business!

SnapnDeals presents James Maher’s Creative Freelance Marketing eBook for only $25.00

  • Master Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies for Photography, Art, and Creative Businesses.
  • Features interviews with nine incredibly creative minds.
  • Comprises 276 pages of content.

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Making a living from your craft – that’s the key, right?


Creative Freelance Marketing lays the groundwork for learning how to get jobs and increase sales, how to improve your skills and business development strategies, and provides the roadmap for creating a sustainable creative business.

Are you just starting out? Have you reached a certain skill level but have plateaued in your ability to make more sales or reach more clients? Are you thinking about starting a side business or transitioning from a different career?

No matter how skilled you are, or how good you plan to become, you cannot be successful without a strong and focused marketing strategy. We do not believe in the myth of the starving artist. Your work is valuable.

This book will show you how to get your work in front of potential clients, and it will set you on a lifetime path for studying and improving your marketing.

While we will cover all aspects of digital marketing, this is NOT the typical How To Get 20,000 Instagram Followers in a Year type of book. Successful creative marketing must cover as many traditional and “old-school” marketing techniques as it does digital techniques. Both are necessary.

This book is about taking stock of your unique situation, learning all of the traditional and digital strategies available, and then identifying the most effective paths for you. The skills and lessons learned will help bolster your business and provide stability early on so that you can continue to grow and adopt more techniques in the future.

2Learn social media marketing from Eli Lippman, Director of Audience Development for American Media (Radar Online, Ok! Magazine), named a 2016 MIN Rising Star and the 2016 winner of the MIN Media Award for Best Use of Facebook.

There is no better way to learn marketing than to hear from the experiences of others. Included in the book are marketing interviews with nine talented creative professionals in a variety of fields, who have all achieved success in their own way. Artist and art business coach, Ann Rea and photography marketing expert, Corwin Hiebert give their best tips and talk about what they’ve learned working with creatives and photographers of all types. Learn from Nicolina Johnson, who grew a successful global artistic business from the ground-up. Peter Hurley discusses how he developed his business to now be one of the most coveted (and highest paid) portrait photographers in New York City. Gain insight from Ben Umanov, a former heavy metal musician, who created MetalSucks and Blast Beat Network, the number one heavy metal blog in the world and an advertising network serving 10 million unique monthly users. Penelope Trunk, a writer, blogger, and career coach who grew the largest individual career blog in the world will not hold anything back about what you should expect. See how Josh Shank established his branding and web design business, Rocket Republic, in such a way that now travels the country much of the year with his family, while working remotely. And Bruce Clark and Phillip Van Nostrand explain how they built their wedding and portrait photography businesses.

6What You’ll Learn

  • What to do before you begin marketing
  • Creating a website
  • Pricing and revenue streams
  • Promoting correctly
  • Writing and storytelling
  • Client and job lists
  • Sales and growing your client base
  • Active versus passive marketing
  • Local marketing strategies
  • The importance of personal projects
  • Galleries and art fairs
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Researching for opportunities
  • Blogging and copywriting
  • Social media
  • Guest blogging, teaching, and promoting content
  • A marketing and creative business reading list
  • Interviews with Peter Hurley, Ben Umanov, Penelope Trunk, Ann Rea, Josh Shank, Corwin Hiebert, Nicolina Johnson, Bruce Clark, and Phillip Van Nostrand
  • And so much more!

What’s in the eBook


What People Are Saying

“It used to be that there was no way to make money as an artist unless you could wow a gallery owner with your art, or sleep with him. Now, though, artists can take sales into their own hands. James Maher is a great example of this artist entrepreneurship – he’s selling and licensing his prints direct, from his site, he runs a portrait and workshop photography business, and he’s so smart about marketing and SEO.” – Penelope Trunk, Author, Blogger, and Career Coach.

About Author James Maher


James is a lifelong New Yorker, and like many Manhattanites, he is a terrible driver and cook; however, he is an excellent navigator and knows where to find the best Chinese takeout. James has devoted himself to his photography business in New York since 2005. His fine-art photography has been sold and licensed to collectors and companies globally, including Tiffany & Co. and G-Star RAW, he works with various businesses as a portrait and studio photographer in New York, he is a regular contributor (both photographic and written work) to a variety of websites and magazines, and as a certified New York tour and workshop guide, he frequently leads photography workshops. He has also had a multi-year regular feature for the NY Daily News reporting on different neighborhoods of the city through street portraits and interviews with locals.

James has also been working on a documentary project since 2012, which consists of nearly 150 portraits and in-depth interviews primarily with long-time residents, business owners, and employees in the East Village neighborhood of New York City. The project has become a historical account of the mid-to-late 20th Century of one of the most vibrant and lively neighborhoods in the city.

More about James …


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Today’s Deal · Provided by jamesmaherphotography.com

This deal expired on 22/08/2018

  • Current Price $47.00
  • Our Price $25.00
  • You Save 47%
Deal Categories: eBooks.
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