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In 2017, Master Depth of Field & Long Exposure Photography!

SnapnDeals presents Long Exposure & Shooting Shallow DoF eBooks + LR Presets Bundle for only $8.00

  • Learn to capture stunning long exposure images.
  • Use Depth of Field to maximise your photography.
  • For beginner, enthusiast and professional photographers.

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What’s in the Bundle

1. Shooting Shallow – Understanding Depth of Field eBook

shootingshallow‘Shooting Shallow – Understanding Depth of Field’ is a 38-page guide to depth of field and how to control ‘DoF’ it to maximise your photography. The aim of this guide is to equipment photographers with the skills to improve their ability to create bokeh rich images but at the same time ensure your subject is as sharp as possible.

The ‘Shooting Shallow‘ eBook is divided into four broad sections. Concepts, Camera, Practice and Examples. The eBook will improve your understanding of depth of field will allow you to dig deep into the advanced settings on your camera and really get creative. It may sound like a contradiction in terms but you may be surprised just how easy and liberating using the advanced camera settings can actually be.

Once you have an understanding of the concepts and how they relate to your camera, it is time to get out and shoot. This eBook also documents a range of real-life examples where a shallow depth of field has been used to create a particular look and style of image.

shooting-shallow-2The eBook chapters include:

  • What is Bokeh in Photography
  • What is Depth of Field
  • The Variables (Distance and Depth of Field & Aperture and Depth of Field)
  • Know your equipment
  • Learn the Practice (The Theory and Application).
  • Tips for Success
  • Practical Examples
  • Going forward

Understanding Depth of Field

‘Shooting Shallow’ is about learning to take better photos, understanding depth of field, and improving your photography skills. The ebooks answers questions such as ‘What is Bokeh?’, ‘What is a F-Stop?’, ‘What is the rule of thirds?’ and What is a ‘Shallow DOF?’

The eBook has been written with the beginning photographer in mind; however, the enthusiast and professional alike may find something of relevance also.


2. The Long Exposure eBook

bookcoverLong exposure photography is about capturing space and silence, like visually holding your breath; it is about capturing the beauty and calmness of a scene. The aim of this e-book is to offer an introduction to the process of capturing long exposure photographs. It documents the simple steps I employ each time I embark on a long exposure photo shoot.


The know-how in this book will enable you to capture stunning long exposure images on even the simplest of camera set-ups.

  • What is Long Exposure Photography
  • Essential Gear and The Myth of Equipment
  • The Theory of Long Exposure Photography
  • The Capture Process
  • Post Production Technique
  • Installing the Presets
  • Creating your own Presets
  • The Free Presets Explained

This eBook should be the start on your long exposure journey, and all it takes is a camera, tripod, Neutral Density (ND) filter and patience. Once you have understood the basics, you will be able to develop your style and create dramatic long exposure landscape images.

The Long Exposure Photography eBook covers everything from priorities and equipment right through to a step by step guide to capturing long exposure images. The eBook comes in PDF format that is readable on most computers, tablets and eBook readers.


3. Six Lightroom Presets

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.56.34 AMSix Adobe Lightroom presets to get you started with long exposure post production:

Preset 1 : Long Mono
Preset 2 : Cold Long
Preset 3 : Beach
Preset 4 : Water
Preset 5 : Ethereal Pro
Preset 6 : Thunder

About Author David Cleland

unnamedDavid Cleland is a landscape and reportage photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

He is best known for his landscape and documentary photography which has featured in a number of photographic exhibitions including an exploration of the decay of a 400-year evacuated mill received critical acclaim. David also teaches film and animation applying the rules of still photography to the art of moving image.

David’s work has been accepted by Getty Images and been published in a number of national publications and used in numerous book covers.

David is the author of two eBooks on the art of photography including, the now famous ‘The Long Exposure eBook’ and has written a number of articles on the importance of photography in education. You can view David’s work at www.flixelpix.com.


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Today’s Deal · Provided by FlixelPix Photography

This deal expired on 17/01/2017

  • Current Price $14.00
  • Our Price $8.00
  • You Save 43%
Deal Categories: eBooks and Software.
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