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Take Your Lightroom Knowledge to the Master Level!

SnapnDeals brings you Andrew S. Gibson’s Mastering Lightroom: Book Two – The Develop Module for only $8.00

  • Become a Lightroom expert to get the most out of your Raw files.
  • Master its powerful features to creatively process your images.
  • Covers the Develop Module in Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5.

It’s up for grabs for a limited time only – you don’t want to miss this one!

1Lightroom has grown to become the primary application for processing Raw files for many photographers. The most recent version is more powerful than ever, but with processing power goes complexity. Lightroom can be confusing for newcomers, especially those used to working in Photoshop and for who Lightroom represents an entirely new approach to processing images. Even experienced users may not appreciate the full power of this amazing program.

Mastering Lightroom: Book Two – The Develop Module shows you how to use the tools in the Develop module to get the most out of your Raw files. It builds on the lessons learnt in Mastering Lightroom: Book One – The Library Module and shows you how to use Lightroom’s powerful features to creatively process your images. You’ll be amazed how easy Lightroom is to use once you’re familiar with it and just how much it speeds up your workflow compared to other applications.

Mastering Lightroom: Book Two – The Develop Module is written for you:


  • It explains how to use the Develop module in simple language anyone can understand.
  • It’s easy to read. The pages are laid out and beautifully illustrated, making it easier for you to learn.
  • It has depth and will become an invaluable reference guide as you learn to use the Develop module.
  • It is practical and shows you how to marry technique with creativity to make the most out of your Raw files.
  • It covers both Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5, including all the latest features.

What you will learn

  • 6What you need to know before you start using the Develop module. This section helps you get into good habits from the beginning.
  • My recommended workflow for working in Lightroom.
  • How to use the Camera Calibration panel and why monitor calibration is so important.
  • How to use the tools in the Basic panel to control colour and tonal values.
  • What the Tone Curve is and how to use it.
  • Why the histogram is important and what it tells you.
  • How to let Lightroom automatically correct optical aberrations such as barrel distortion, chromatic aberrations and vignetting.
  • How to take control of colour in your images, and apply cross-processing inspired and vintage style colour effects.
  • Why Lightroom is such a powerful tool for reducing noise.
  • How to use the Graduated and Radial filters to make local adjustments.
  • How to use the Adjustment Brush for dodging, burning and other applications.
  • How to retouch portraits without using a plug-in.
  • How to crop and what aspect ratios mean for you.
  • How to use and create Develop Presets to speed up your workflow.
  • How to use the Snapshots and History panels.
  • Why virtual copies are such a good idea and how you can use them to get more out of Lightroom’s creative tools.
  • The best ways to export photos ready for use in other programs.

Note: This ebook doesn’t cover black and white conversions as these are the topic of the next ebook in the series.

About author Andrew S Gibson

Self-portraitMy interest in photography began when my parents bought me a Ricoh KR-10m camera over 20 years ago. Since that day I progressed from colour negative to slide and black and white film and finally to digital, when I bought my first digital SLR, an EOS 350D, in 2006. During that time I’ve taken photos in over 60 countries, studied for a degree in photography and worked as Technical Editor for EOS magazine. Now I’m a freelance writer and I make a living writing about photography. In recent years I’ve lived in the UK, China and New Zealand, which is now my home. My clients include EOS magazine, Craft & Vision and Peachpit Press. I also carry out technical editing on forthcoming photography books, and design photography courses for Foto-Classes.

More about Andrew …

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Today’s Deal · Provided by Andrew S Gibson

This deal expired on 16/04/2014

  • Current Price $13.80
  • Our Price $8.00
  • You Save 42%
Deal Categories: eBooks.
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