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This deal expired on 24/04/2013

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An extraordinary eBook by writer and fine art photographer Andrew S Gibson has arrived:

Understanding EOS: A Beginner’s Guide to Canon EOS Cameras for only $7.00

  • Use your Canon EOS camera in the most effective ways.
  • Understand the fundamentals in record time.
  • Written specifically for owners of Canon EOS digital SLRS.

To those of you new to photography, your Canon EOS camera is bound to seem complicated. There are so many controls and buttons. How do you know which ones to use? The truth is that you don’t have to know what every single function on your camera does in order to take great photos. You just need an understanding of the fundamentals, and an eye for a good photo. To help you learn I wrote Understanding EOS – the simple guide you’ve been looking for that teaches you how to use your EOS camera.


Understanding EOS is written for you:

  • It explains how to use an EOS camera in language a complete beginner can easily understand.
  • It has depth – you will come back to Understanding EOS time and again as your understanding of photography improves.
  • It keeps things simple and shows you only the controls on your EOS camera that you need to use.
  • It is full of big, colourful and inspirational photos.
  • It explains why composition, an appreciation of beautiful light and post-processing are just as important to creative photographers as knowing which buttons to press and modes to use.
  • It has an entire section that explains the story and techniques behind the photos in the ebook.
  • It is a great introduction to the more in-depth topics explored in my other photography ebooks.
  • It is written specifically for owners of Canon EOS cameras. It tells you how to use the camera that you own, not those of other manufacturers.


What You Will Learn

  • What the creative triangle is, and why creative photographers know that photography is about more than selecting which buttons to press on the camera.
  • How to move out of your camera’s fully automatic exposure modes and take control of your camera’s settings.
  • What your camera’s Mode Dial does, and why you only need to know how to use Program Auto Exposure (P), Aperture Priority (Av) and Shutter Priority (Tv) modes.
  • The role of aperture, shutter speed and ISO in obtaining the optimum exposure.
  • How to use the creative aspects of aperture, shutter speed and ISO to create beautiful photos.
  • How to prevent camera shake.
  • How to use Picture Styles – and where to get more than the six Picture Styles that come with your camera.
  • What white balance is and why it matters.
  • Why the Raw format is so much easier to use than the JPEG format.
  • What the luminance histogram and highlight alert are and how to use them to make sure your photos are well exposed.

More information …

About author Andrew S GibsonSelf-portrait

My interest in photography began when my parents bought me a Ricoh KR-10m camera over 20 years ago. Since that day I progressed from colour negative to slide and black and white film and finally to digital, when I bought my first digital SLR, an EOS 350D, in 2006. During that time I’ve taken photos in over 60 countries, studied for a degree in photography and worked as Technical Editor for EOS magazine. Now I’m a freelance writer and I make a living writing about photography. In recent years I’ve lived in the UK, China and New Zealand, which is now my home. My clients include EOS magazine, Craft & Vision and Peachpit Press. I also carry out technical editing on forthcoming photography books, and design photography courses for Foto-Classes.

More about Andrew …

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Today’s Deal · Provided by Andrew S Gibson

This deal expired on 24/04/2013

  • Current Price $11.00
  • Our Price $7.00
  • You Save 36%
Deal Categories: eBooks.
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