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This deal expired on 25/09/2013

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SnapnDeals brings you the latest eBook from writer and fine art photographer Andrew S Gibson:

Mastering Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Digital Cameras for only $7.00

  • Master the basic photography skills and unleash your creativity.
  • No overcomplicated content – keeps things simple, but with plenty of depth.
  • For users of all digital SLR and mirrorless cameras.

But hurry! This SnapnDeal will be available for a limited time only.

1Andrew’s new ebook came about as a result of feedback he received after the release of Understanding EOS. There were readers interested in the ebook, but frustrated because it was written for Canon EOS users.
Mastering Photography is Andrew’s response. He’s rewritten Understanding EOS so that it applies to users of all digital SLR and mirrorless cameras. It doesn’t matter what brand of camera you own, this ebook is written for you.
The inspiration for Mastering Photography came from the observation that resources aimed at beginners tend to overcomplicate basic photography skills.

2There’s no need to learn what every button and menu function on your camera does, especially when you’re starting out. That’s too complicated. So he created a guide that tells you just the stuff you need to know. The idea is to teach you the basics and give you the tools you need to go out and do what all creative photographers want to – take some beautiful photos.

Mastering Photography keeps things simple, but there’s also plenty of depth. You’ll return to it again and again as your photography skills develop.

More information …

5There are lots of inspirational photos to inspire you. Andrew also explores the idea that lighting, composition and post-processing are just as important as knowing which buttons to press on your camera. There’s an entire section dedicated to explaining the techniques behind all the photos in the ebook.

Here’s some of the stuff you’ll learn:

      • What the creative triangle is, and why creative photographers know that photography is about more than selecting which buttons to press on the camera.
      • 7How to move out of your camera’s fully automatic exposure modes and take control of your camera’s settings.
      • What your camera’s Mode Dial does, and why you only need to know how to use Programmed (P), Aperture Priority (A) and Shutter Priority (S) modes.
      • 10The role of aperture, shutter speed and ISO in obtaining the optimum exposure.
      • How to use the creative aspects of aperture, shutter speed and ISO to create beautiful photos.
      • How to prevent camera shake.
      • How to use Picture Controls.
      • What white balance is and why it matters.
      • Why the Raw format is so much easier to use than the JPEG format.
      • What the luminance histogram and highlight alert are and how to use them to make sure your photos are well exposed.

Note: Please don’t buy Mastering Photography if you have already purchased Understanding EOS. They are essentially the same, covering identical topics and using the same photos. The only difference is that one is written for owners of EOS cameras, and the other for owners of other brands.

About author Andrew S GibsonSelf-portrait

My interest in photography began when my parents bought me a Ricoh KR-10m camera over 20 years ago. Since that day I progressed from colour negative to slide and black and white film and finally to digital, when I bought my first digital SLR, an EOS 350D, in 2006. During that time I’ve taken photos in over 60 countries, studied for a degree in photography and worked as Technical Editor for EOS magazine. Now I’m a freelance writer and I make a living writing about photography. In recent years I’ve lived in the UK, China and New Zealand, which is now my home. My clients include EOS magazine, Craft & Vision and Peachpit Press. I also carry out technical editing on forthcoming photography books, and design photography courses for Foto-Classes.

More about Andrew …

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Today’s Deal · Provided by Andrew S Gibson

This deal expired on 25/09/2013

  • Current Price $11.00
  • Our Price $7.00
  • You Save 36%
Deal Categories: eBooks.
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