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Totally Transform both How you Think about Photography, and How you Take Photos!

SnapnDeals brings you Anthony Epes’ 5 Week Live Online Photo Workshop for only $249.00

  • Choose one of the workshops running from August through December – Limited to 15 students per workshop.
  • For Beginners to Intermediate Photographers.
  • BONUS:  FREE 1-Year membership to Anthony’s Light Monkeys Group (worth $315.00) after the end of the workshop.

Limited time and spots – don’t miss out on this awesome SnapnDeal!

5 Week Live Online Photo Workshop by Anthony Epes

Limited to 15 students per workshop. Students also get a free years membership to Anthony’s Light Monkeys group after the end of the workshop.

Live workshops running – see below for dates and times

  • Aug / Sep (For timezones – Europe, Africa and Americas) 
  • October (For timezones – Asia and Australasia)
  • Nov / Dec (For timezones – Europe, Africa and Americas) 

On my workshops probably the question I get asked the most is – how can I can get great photos every single time I go out? And that’s a tough question – because really the people who know how to do that are professionals. If I have a subject I’m shooting, I always nail the shot. Every. Single. Time. You can’t as a professional photographer get paid for a job and not deliver the goods. You’ll never work again.

So what is it that separates pro-togs from the rest of humanity? We understand light. We know when to make great photos.  We know where to make great photos. We do not think about the process of photography, that part has become instinctual.  We are in creation mode.  And in our bag of tools are certain approaches and techniques that set us apart.


After five years of teaching my workshops I have learnt a lot about what people are not doing with their photography.  What is missing?  Why they are not creating those wonderful images they see in their heads?

I get emails every week from people asking when I’m coming to teach in their city. And so I thought right, now is the perfect time to use these thousands and thousands of hours of experience working with photographers from every walk of life, at every level of skill, to create an interactive, online course – and that’s what I am announcing here today.

Imagine being able to take consistently great images every single time you venture out. Imagine having the ability to to seek out the most interesting subjects, find the best angles, recognise the best lighting conditions and boom, capture awesome shots every time. That’s what I want to help you achieve with my online course.

I ran this course twice over the past year and the feedback was *stupendous*. It was hugely fun to work with a small group of people, giving regular in-depth feedback on their photos, sharing advice and ideas – as well as of course giving my pro-teachings over the course of the sessions.

This online workshop will totally transform both how you think about photography, and how you take photos.

I will be teaching my methodology of creating great images.

But what is special and different about this workshop is that it will be live, totally interactive and will include a huge chunk of time for personal feedback, guidance and critiquing of your images.

This will be unlike other online courses in that I won’t be just talking at you from a screen with no way to stop, you can ask questions in real time and get proper demonstrative answers. This will contain four live classes that will be completely interactive.


Plus you’ll get regular opportunities to submit and show your images for in-depth critiquing before, during and after the sessions.

I will work with you throughout the course to help you develop your unique style and voice. I will challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to go way beyond where you are now, so that when we finish you have a whole new body of work and an exciting new direction for your photography.

On my online courses I offer an amazing level of personalisation that won’t be possible as this course grows. This is a fantastic time to do it. This will be a small group, so you can get the best out of me, and each other.

  • I will answer every question you have.
  • I will guide each person through this process and make sure everyone understands everything.
  • I will guide each person on their own journey to creating amazing images.
  • You will share your work and passion with like minded individuals.

If you read my blog regularly you’ll see that I love sharing my knowledge. I’ve written epic posts about composition, created videos about Lightroom, created a guide for you on the technical skills you need to be a creative photographer – plus probably my favourite thing I’ve done – my uber-inspiring guide to how to get into the mindset of being a creative photographer. I will continue to do this, because I love sharing my love for photography. It’s brought so much to my life – why wouldn’t I want others to know what I know.

But when you come on one of my paid workshops, when you actually give me your money, the work and resources that I put into paid workshops are immense.

This online course is a distillation of everything that I teach on my 4 and 5 days workshops in Istanbul, Cuba, Venice etc. Or the 4 day workshops I’ve taught for people like the Guardian Masterclasses. In fact, I will cover more on this online workshop than I can on my other workshops.

But you know why this all works, why I get such great reviews for my teaching? I’m going to be totally honest with you here, and it may sound a bit loud to say this (and if you met me I’m not a pushy loud person) I’m a great photographer and, unusually, I am also an excellent teacher. Somehow I have been given the gift of explaining crazy difficult technical information in a simple and straightforward way – as well as the ability to inspire people with their own photographic practice.


These are some of the topics I feel will be most beneficial to you:

  • Seeing like an Artist
    • Time to place yourself in awe of your surroundings!
  • Composition
    • Can’t create great images without it. Period. I will go in depth on the techniques and when to use them.
  • Position
    • This is the kind of composition that most people don’t realize is actually the key to composition. [PROTIPS]
  • Subject Fixation
    • Yes, it’s an awesome subject. But in the 2D environment of the image you need to build solid relationships between elements. [PROTIPS]
  • Light
    • Can you tell great light from good light and bad? You know it when you see it but can you capture the best it has to offer? [PROTIPS]
  • Positive & Negative Space
    • Lots of people lump this under composition techniques but I believe it is much more than that. Learn to take advantage of it at all times. [PROTIPS]
  • Color
    • Learn to control color with light and exposure. Learn the emotions of color.  Learn to use color subjectively.
  • Shape & Form
    • I never see this crucial aspect of image creation used enough.  It’s everywhere!  Learn to see it.
  • Previsualization
    • A big word for an essential concept of image creation.  Don’t take it lightly.  This is a must-have approach to being consistently great at photography. [PROTIPS]
  • Philosophy of Photography
    • Going out. Getting motivated
    • Attitude
    • Being an observer
    • Having a quiet clear mind
    • Turning photography into your most peaceful time in life.
  • The Importance of Good Editing
    • A good edit will make you a better photographer.  Don’t share too many images.

All of the course materials will be available to you forever – for months and years to come, so you can always reference them at any point.



Pre-course submissions

  • You will be asked to submit 20 images for me to evaluate.
  • You will be given a questionnaire to state your passion and interests in this field,  and photographic history.

Four live classes lasting 3 hours

  • These will start with a presentation on a selection of powerful photo techniques
  • We’ll go through photos that you’ve submitted, for both a critique and feedback from me and from the rest of the group
  • I’ll then take questions, questions, questions – I won’t finish the session until I’ve answered ALL of your questions. No person will be left behind (if it takes more than 3 hours, I don’t mind, I’ll do what it takes!)
  • Finally we’ve got the wild and fun part. This is the unknown part that I am leaving up to you to help me design. Before each session I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can find out where you are stuck, what you need more of, what’s holding you back and then I’ll cover those things for about the remaining third of our time together online.


  • Aug / Sep (For timezones – Europe, Africa and Americas) JUST A FEW spots available. 

Dates: Sundays on August 20th, August 27th, Sep 10th and Sep 17th at 5pm BT (British Standard Time / 9am PSTTime Converter here.

  • October (for timezones – Asia and Australasia) JUST A FEW spots available

Dates:  Saturdays on Sep 30th, Oct 7th, Oct 14th and Oct 28th at 16.00 Hong Kong / 18.00 AEST.  Timezone converter here.

  • Nov / Dec (For timezones – Europe, Africa and Americas) VERY FEW spots available

Dates: Sundays on Nov 12th, Nov 19th, Nov 26th and Dec 3rd at 5pm BST / 9am PST. Timezone converter here.

All sessions will be recorded and sent to the group. They will be great to reference later, or catch up on anything you missed. Plus even if you can’t make a session you can still submit questions so I can answer them in session.

Private critiques and feedback on your images

At any point in the workshop you can send me a selection of images for me to provide feedback on.


  • During the workshop I will set four challenges for you to help you develop your skills and implement what you’ve been learning during the live sessions
  • Some of these challenges will be personalised to you. You’ll all need different things and you’ll all be at different stages so I will create challenges that will benefit you the most.

Group feedback and online community

Of course there will be an online Facebook community where you can stay in touch with fellow participants, share photos and ask questions. I’ll be on this regularly to help and assist and feedback on anything you need help with.


  1. Click the ‘BUY NOW’ button – you will be redirected to citiesatdawn.com.
  2. Click the red ‘Add to Basket’ button and then ‘View Basket’.
  3. Voila! You’ll get your 35% discount.
  4. We will then contact you about which workshop you would like to join.

If you have any questions at all, large or small, please contact Diana on diana@anthonyepes.com


Is this for you? What level do I need to be?

I would like all participants to have a basic understanding of aperture, f-stops and manual settings – but I don’t need you to know it all. Maybe you are shooting on semi-auto, that’s totally fine. Just some experience with your camera and an awareness of the technical aspects so that when I go in-depth you’ll be able to follow. Again, I’ll explain everything that you don’t get. Even if it means we go over time, or I need to send you extra resources during the week.

If you are not 100% satisfied at the end of the workshop (and you’ve shown up and done the work of course) I will happily refund your money. No problem. I have never had anyone ask for a refund because they didn’t enjoy my workshop, and I ain’t going to start letting people down now! But if you feel it hasn’t met your needs I will gladly, without question, give you a refund.



What People Are Saying about Anthony’s Workshops

“Anthony is a great instructor, who puts you at ease, offers good, understandable advice and is good company. I had done a photography course before, yet in the space of a couple of hours he made me understand some basics which i had missed in a very logical way.”  – Tripadvisor review

“It rekindled my photographic interest having slobbed out with my mobile phone camera for too long.” – Wild Auk

“I had a really good time doing a private tuition day with Anthony and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone else who might be considering. What impressed me most about Anthony’s work was that while it is in a way easy to take a fantastic photo when you have a great scene before you, Anthony manages to make amazing photos out of the most ordinary places around London, and when I compared his offering to the other Photography Workshops that are advertised, his photos are clearly a step above the competition.” – Tom

“His teaching is easy to understand, laid back and humorous. Anyone can do this and be a better photographer as a result.” – Harmen

“Anthony also inspired me to look at photographic composition in a different way (manipulating angles, exploring reflections, managing too many subjects in the same frame)”  – Veda

“I learnt a lot on the course, particularly around seeing images in everyday things, composition, and how to recognise and use interesting light to improve my photos. I think that before I did the course I was in some ways in a bit of a photo rut, for instance settling for aperture priority and auto white balance; this course got me out of that and gave me some new inspiration.”  – Steve

“Anthony is a talented photographer who is also a very good teacher. He is excellent at giving you feedback on your composition and tips on using your photo gear.” – Danilo


 About Anthony Epes

Anthony Epes is a fine art photographer who has exhibited internationally and whose work has been featured in BBC WorldCNN Photo, French Photo, Hyper Allergic, Time Out, Huffington Post, Atlas Obscura, BBC London, The Telegraph and many other publications. He has published four photo books, including London at Dawn and Paris at Dawn, and is currently preparing to launch further installments shot in Venice, Havana and Istanbul.
Anthony grew up in California and has been based in London since 2000.

Anthony runs a limited number of workshops inspired by his Cities at Dawn photo book series. He has exhibited internationally and is currently preparing an exhibition on his project East London at Dawn, with an accompanying limited edition book, commissioned by a new hotel in the city.

Anthony writes in-depth free articles on his website. Receive his free ebook on the two essential skills that will instantly improve your photos, and sign up to his weekly newsletter providing inspiration, ideas and pro-photo techniques. Anthony’s Workshops and Instagram.

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  • Includes 1-Year membership to Anthony’s Light Monkeys Group after the end of the workshop.
Today’s Deal · Provided by citiesatdawn.com

This deal expired on 16/08/2017

  • Current Price $384.00
  • Our Price $249.00
  • You Save 35%
Deal Categories: Course.
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