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This deal expired on 12/04/2013

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SnapnDeals bring you an extraordinary 24-video series online:

Lightroom Made Easy! by Phil Steele for only $33.

  • Be a Lightroom expert by this time tomorrow.
  • Learn the secret pro tricks that will transform your photos today.
  • Get two FREE bonus videos.

Special Limited-Time Price! Get it before the price goes back up!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Create Stunning Imagesa
Make your photos “pop” like the shots you see in magazines.

Get More Done in less time
Dramatically increase your photography output—zipping through photo processing tasks in minutes that used to take hours or days.

Protect Your Copyrights
Automatically embed hidden data in your photos to protect your images from theft or misuse—and to guarantee you get paid.

Never Lose Another Photob
Get your photos organized—whether you have one hundred or 100,000—so that you’ll never lose another image again.

Retouch Portraits Like a Pro
Quickly and subtly retouch portraits to remove imperfections, enhance beauty, and keep clients coming back.

Create Instant Web Galleries
Display your photos for clients or the public in impressive, customized galleries on your own web site—with just a few clicks.

Remove Flaws and Defectsc
Remove unwanted objects, blemishes, or unsightly sensor dust from photos.

Share Photos Easily 
Instantly upload your edited photos to social sharing sites like Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and more.

Attract Search Engines
Tag your photos with keywords to lure Internet search engines and boost your sales.

Make Beautiful Slideshowsd
Quickly create stunning slideshows, with music, for friends, clients, or presentations.

Find the Right Photo When You Need It
Use ratings, labels, categories, keywords, and names to make it easy to always find your best shots, or those most suited to a particular job or client.

Do It All From One Easy Place
Easily handle your entire photography workflow all from one place, quickly and efficiently. Use my secret ninja tricks and techniques to boost your productivity even more!

Learn to work with all kinds of photos

quartetYou’ll get to watch me work on a wide variety of photos in the course lessons, ranging from portraits, to landscapes, architecture, events, fashion, sports, and more.

You’ll also see black-and-white conversions, sepia tones, and other special effects.

All the photos you see on this page are just a handful of the actual case studies used in the course.

This course is for All versions of Lightroomlr 3

This course covers both Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4 in-depth. If you have Lightroom 3, you’ll find the original Lightroom 3 version of the course still there for you in its entirety. For Lightroom 4 users I have added an additional 90 minutes of update videos covering the new features.

So no matter which version you have, I’ve got you covered! Even if you are still using Lightroom 1 or 2, you will get a thorough understanding from this course, even though I will show some features you don’t have.

More things you’ll learn in this course!

  • How to create stunning black-and-white conversions.
  • My own professional photo rating system, designed to speed you through big photo sets.
  • The secret for creating dramatic skies in your landscape shots—with one foolproof, two-second adjustment.
  • Professional techniques for portrait retouching, including how to: remove blemishes, whiten eyes and teeth, fix flash “hot spots,” and apply glamour-magazine-quality skin softening.
  • My secret ninja tricks for customizing Lightroom’s web templates — Adobe won’t tell you about these back-door techniques!
  • The critically important distinction between Flash and HTML web templates, and exactly when you should use each.
  • How to remove noise from photos taken at high ISO settings or in dark conditions.
  • How to instantly correct for the lens distortions that make your wide-angle shots look warped.
  • How to use Collections as an easy virtual workspace to organize, sort, and prepare groups of photos for making albums, galleries or presentations.
  • How to quickly design popular printing layouts such as portrait packages, contact sheets, model composites, and more.
  • How to print perfect photos on your home printer, or save them with the correct settings for a commercial print lab.

More information, sample clip, video presentation and reviews…


Importing Your Past Photos into Lightroomvideo 1

One of the most confusing and intimidating tasks for Lightroom beginners is how to get your years of past photos into the Lightroom catalog.

This bonus video makes it perfectly clear, so you can gain access to all your photos in Lightroom easily and without worry.

Reordering Your Out-of-Sequence Photos in
video 2Lightroom

It’s a nightmare we all face as photographers.
You use multiple cameras or cards to photograph a wedding, a trip, or an event—and the photos come out scrambled by non-sequential file names.

Lightroom can easily, automatically rename the photos for delivery to clients, family or friends in any sequence you like. This video shows you how.

“That bonus video about file ordering was worth the price of your whole course!”
—Bob Weidner, Pocono PA, USA

phil steele

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Today’s Deal · Provided by Phil Steele Training

This deal expired on 12/04/2013

  • Current Price $47.00
  • Our Price $33.00
  • You Save 30%
Deal Categories: Course.
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