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The Perfect Bundle To Transform Your Street Photography!

SnapnDeals brings you James Maher’s Two Street Photography eBooks Bundle for only $14.95

  • Discover street photography or improve your existing skills.
  • Start taking meaningful, beautiful and technically stunning street shots.
  • Learn to overcome your fears and get sharp on the street.

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What’s in the Bundle

Explore the streets with The Essentials of Street Photography eBook.

This 141 page guide is not only about teaching you how to technically approach the streets, how to edit your work, how to overcome your fears, or how to get sharp, close-up candid shots without getting punched, although it will teach you these things.

It is about teaching you how to conceptually approach your work so that it has something to say.

Also included is Street Photography Conversations eBook. Learn from six talented street photography veterans in this 96 page book of interviews. Learn first-hand the techniques of Matt Weber, who prowled the gritty, pre-Giuliani streets of New York in a taxi capturing the 80s crack epidemic and is the focus of the upcoming documentary, More Than The Rainbow. Hear from Blake Andrews, who does beautiful work in the quiet city of Eugene, Oregon. Learn how Richard Bram, Jay Maisel, Mike Peters, and Dave Beckerman all approach the streets in their own, diverse ways.

conversationsFew people know all of the tips, tricks and techniques to be able to consistently take meaningful, beautiful, and technically stunning street shots. No matter your skill level, there will be something important for you to learn in this book.

These books are not only for beginners. They have helped over a thousand photographers improve their approach on the streets.

Whether you have a Leica, an SLR, a micro 4/3rds, a point-and-shoot, or a Hasselblad, you will be covered.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to overcome your fear of photographing strangers.
  • How to capture street photos with meaning.
  • All the tricks for capturing close-up candid portraits.
  • Camera settings and focusing techniques.
  • Composition and lighting.
  • Shooting from the hip successfully.
  • Street portraiture.
  • Capturing gesture, expression, and emotion and telling stories with your images.
  • How to foster themes within your work and create projects.
  • How to edit and organize your work and pick your best shots.
  • Post-processing and printing techniques.
  • Street photography learning exercises.
  • Interviews with Matt Weber, Blake Andrews, Mike Peters, Richard Bram, Jay Maisel, and Dave Beckerman.
  • And so much more!


What Other Photographers Are Saying

“I used to think that street photography was unteachable. Obviously, I was wrong, and that’s a credit to you for thinking of and answering every problem one could possibly encounter out there on the mean streets of any city…” – Matt Weber, Street Photographer

“Dear James, I just finished reading ‘The Essentials of Street Photography’ and I found it amazing. It was almost as intriguing as a novel for me. I love street photography and I found your ebook to be a really comprehensive guide.” – Alberto Cabas Vidani, FotoComeFare

“The first and best available book on the market for street photographers of all levels explaining in layman’s terms the ways of improving your street photography, and very well priced!” – Des Byrne

“James’ conceptual approach with The Essential of Street Photography was the perfect tool to break me out of my “street photography shell.” He was able to balance the art of street photography while building readers confidence. Street Photography Conversations is the icing on the cake with tips and background information from some remarkable street photographers.” – Ky Jones

About Author James Maher

jamesJames Maher is a fine art, portraiture, and professional studio photographer based in New York City.

James credits his inspiration for photography to his love for the city and its endless supply of diverse and unique personalities and stories to capture.  Among his notable clients is the New York Daily News, where he has a regular column capturing neighborhoods such as this one through portraits and interviews with the locals.

James’ work has been featured around the web and in print.  He offers New York photography tours and street photography workshops and his tips for photographing New York were featured in Digital Photographer Magazine.  He also is passionate about writing and writes frequently about street photography, portraiture, and the business of photography, primarily for the websites, Digital Photography School and PictureCorrect.

More about James …


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Today’s Deal · Provided by jamesmaherphotography.com

This deal expired on 18/01/2018

  • Current Price $19.95
  • Our Price $14.95
  • You Save 25%
Deal Categories: eBooks.
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