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Become 100% Self Employed as a Full Time Wedding Photographer!!

SnapnDeals presents Fstoppers’ How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer Downloadable Course for only $199.99

  • Downloadable Digital Video Course – not a DVD!
  • Features 14 hours of content, 8 Chapters and over 27 topics.
  • For beginner to advanced levels.

Limited time only – don’t let this awesome SnapnDeal slip away!

Watch the Video Presentation

Whether you want to know how to become a professional commercial photographer or how to become a professional photographer in general, the quickest way to start making money with your camera may be wedding photography. Our Fstoppers tutorial How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer is finally here! Lee Morris and I have spent over 3 years planning and 2 years filming and editing this tutorial on all things wedding photography. The goal behind this 14 tutorial was to create the most comprehensive resource on everything it takes to create compelling wedding images as well as the tools needed to start and run a successful wedding photography business. No matter if you are brand new to photography or if you are already shooting weddings professionally, this 14 hour tutorial will teach you everything we know about wedding photography so you can either start your own business from scratch or take your existing business to the next level.

Why Wedding Photography?

how to learn wedding photography tutorial dvd
As we explain in the promo video above, wedding photography pretty much fell into both of our laps. I believe many photographers have the same wrongfully biased opinion about wedding photography as I did when I first picked up a camera. The idea of dealing with dramatic bridezillas, going hours without food or drink, and having to take cheesy photographs all day was not my idea of a good day at work. But after shooting a few weddings, I found that wedding photography was incredibly fun, creative, and way more stress free than I ever imagined. In fact, what I realized was I was taking the best photographs the bride and groom had ever had taken of themselves and their friends during the happiest day of their lives. And the reason I was there in the first place was because they loved me as a person and valued my creativity behind a camera. What originally started as a dreaded favor I did for Lee Morris quickly became my passion, obsession, full time job, and eventually my career.

The most interesting thing about wedding photography is that there is a market in every single city. I believe wedding photography offers an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in photography as a hobby or career; through wedding photography, you can become 100% self employed as a full time photographer!

What We Hope To Share:

Our goal with this tutorial isn’t to make everyone a millionaire or turn you into some sort of rockstar wedding photographer. Lee and I aren’t either of those things. What we want to teach you is how you can take better photographs, start your own business, and hopefully shave off at least three years of trial and error during those initial startup years.

What’s in the Course

how to become a professional wedding photographer dvd patrick hall

8 Chapters containing over 27 topics over more than 14 hours of content

Chapter 1
Intro – What is “Commercial Wedding Photography” – Mandatory Gear – The Importance of Assisting – Composition, Exposure, White Balance
Chapter 2
Advertising – Bridal Portraits: Lighting 101 – Pricing
Chapter 3
Meeting With Potential Clients -The Engagement Session – Designing Your Website – Music – Slideshows – The Importance of Video
Chapter 4
On Camera Flash – Getting Ready and Details – The Ceremony – Fusion
Chapter 5
Formals and Groups – Interview with Pye Jirsa
Chapter 6
Four Ways to Light a Reception – The Cake – The Rings – The Departure – Taxes, Write-offs, and Accounting
Chapter 7
Interview with Cliff Mautner, one of the top wedding photographers in the world
Chapter 8
Post Processing – Creating a Photobooth – Photo / Video Slideshow, SmugMug.com – Delivering Your Final Product – Final Words

What People are Saying

“Both Patrick and Lee speak with incredible passion about what they do, and they keep everything simple to not over complicate any task and offer you suggestions and advice to really boost your income and exposure.” – Leo Hoang

“It was AWESOME. Way past my expectations. I am hoping to start a part-time business and become full time in 2 years and I know this will give me the jump start. The instruction is simple to follow, yet thorough. I can’t wait to watch it again. If you want to be, or already are, a wedding photographer or portrait photographer, you must watch this.” – Ari Dorfman

“I have about 10 weddings under my belt in the past couple of years, and I wish I had the chance to watch this before I did any of them. The series is incredibly comprehensive. I’ve watched a some of the videos a second time just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything in my notes the first time.  This is an absolute must for anyone aspiring to be a professional photographer, or even to develop a better grasp of the technology and techniques of creating amazing images. Thank you Lee, Patrick, and everyone who contributed to the videos.” – Steve Braglio

About Instructor Patrick Hall

PatrickI’m a full time professional Charleston Wedding Photographer based in South Carolina.

Most of my time is filled shooting weddings, video work, commercial and of course Fstoppers videos.

When a camera isn’t in my hand and I’ve managed to make it out of the office I’m usually playing on the boat, cycling, playing loud amps and classic guitars, attending church, traveling, and planning the next creative adventure.

About Instructor Lee Morris

I’m a commercial wedding photographer based out of Charleston South Carolina.

I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years.

In 2010 I cofounded Fstoppers.com with Patrick Hall.

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Today’s Deal · Provided by fstoppers.com

This deal expired on 22/06/2016

  • Current Price $299.99
  • Our Price $199.99
  • You Save 33%
Deal Categories: Course.
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